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Terraclean Worksop
MOT & Service Centre Worksop

The MOT & Service Centre Worksop are Authorised TerraClean technicians. As such we carry out Diagnostics, decarbonising, EGR, Turbo and DPF cleaning. We are trained professionals with technical support.

Who are we?

TerraClean Performance Boost are a mobile TerraClean service operator. We offer our customers a TerraClean engine decarbonizing service, covering Worksop and Nottinghamshire.

What is TerraClean?

TerraClean is a revolutionary, engine cleaning service that uses super refined fuel to remove carbon and lacquer deposits from within the engine combustion system, which in turn can cause lack of power, reduction in miles per gallon and overall engine performance.

Once we restore efficiency we then benefit from Regaining and Improving Performance, Restoring MPG and Reducing Emissions. This makes the cost of having a service carried out a worthwhile investment in the overall health of your engine.

Terraclean Performance Boost recommend that a TerraClean service is carried out every 10,000 miles and considered as a routine maintenance just like routine servicing, a TerraClean service will keep your engine running at those high efficiency levels, as it was designed to do. Whether you are at home in Worksop, Retford, or Sheffield or any of the surrounding areas of South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, TerraClean Performance Boost can bring a mobile service right to your doorstep.

Terraclean isn't one of those products that you pour in your tank and you may (or may not!) get a gradual improvement over the next few months. The TerraClean process does its stuff there and then. You'll drive away, seeing and feeling the difference immediately.

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